Updates. Why else blog?

"Hey Nate, how come you haven't recorded any video since your move? What's up with your YouTube channel and when will we get that stuff back?"

Well, nobody specific, I'm happy to answer your question. Video is... time consuming. Even a simple video with stills takes as much or more time to edit as a normal podcast.

HOWEVER!!! Our problems are not YOUR problems. That just means I have to find more time to carve out of our already-jam packed days and nights to make this happen for all of you. I'm ok with that.

Long-to-short: Expect more Playing Hooky Podcast videos returning in late June. As far as the other casts, I can't say when or if those will transition to actual video in the near future, but I am trying to make it happen. Time and distance are a factor. As much as others would like to see Bob and I on video, I would rather present a solid podcast than a sub-par Youtube video.

Regardless, I hope to have all of our casts on Youtube by summer, in one form or another. Consistently and timely.

Also, we are planning on setting up an event at GenCon (or adjacent to, more likely) and will post all the details here on our site. Keep your eyes on our blog and feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments.

Constantly striving to maintain conformity,