New Moon Rising update and art

Welcome all! Thanks for waiting a super long time for our second episode. It’s my goal, as a podcaster and professional broadcaster, to put out quality SOUNDING material. These first three episodes are a little rough, quite honestly, and do not sound as good as I’d hoped they would. Truth be told, I am learning how to best record gameplay and not alter the dynamic of the game. In other words, I want my players to have fun more than I want them to be broadcasters. So, as we collectively work on that, I will work to provide the best quality material I can to you, the consumer.
All that aside, I am more excited to tell you that we will now have a regular posting schedule (provided that life doesn’t have better ideas.)

New episodes will be posted every other Thursday! Starting May 30th, you can expect new episodes twice a month. Considering we only play once a month, this sounds like a pretty good deal.

Cool, here’s some artwork related to the game:

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