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So it's been a minute since I've had any updates here for The Metal Mortuary. Pardon me. I've been distracted by life, and unfortunately, life has a way of fucking with your hobbies. Anyways, since my last update, I've graduated from school and have been trying to financially support myself like an actual adult. It's time to move ahead with some legitimate goals for The Metal Mortuary. If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I've been doing my show Wednesday nights for the last few months. Unfortunately for the show, my actual WORK work load has changed, and I'll no longer be free Wednesday nights. This means. I'll be transitioning to weekly Podcast posts for my show, going forward. My hope is, at some point in the future, I'll be able to afford to go back to doing the show live. Until then, I'll be producing the show from home. 

A few of my goals moving forward: 
1. I plan on recording, editing and posting one new podcast every week. I plan on playing new songs every show. 
2. I want to write and post a new album review once a week. I'll still be taking music submissions from artists, as long as I have permission from them to play the music on my show. 
3. I'll be looking for anyone interested in submitting music reviews to post on the site. I cannot pay you (I'm not making any money doing this) but I can help you expand your reach, in a manner of speaking. 

If you're interested in submitting music, reviews or any other fun kinda stuff, email me here.   

At some point, when I can afford the space, I plan on spinning this off to its own website. Most of my ideas seem to hinge on finances, which aren't currently in abundance. 

Keep checking back here for more info, as I intend to update the bloggy blog regularly. 

Until then, keep it fucking brutal! 


News, Updates and Links to Other Stories.

"Memorex Compact Cassette opened" by Mathwiz593 at English Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Memorex_Compact_Cassette_opened.jpg#/media/File:Memorex_Compact_Cassette_opened.jpg

"Memorex Compact Cassette opened" by Mathwiz593 at English Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Memorex_Compact_Cassette_opened.jpg#/media/File:Memorex_Compact_Cassette_opened.jpg

Hello, friends and fans. I'm just sitting down to iron out some updates for The Metal Mortuary. As the show and my goals for it become more cohesive, you'll see some alterations to the blog and the rest of my site, little by little. There are some things in my regular blog that I've copied to this blog, but there are some things too big and to unwieldy to move. Originally, this blog was intended as the spot for TMM podcast, but now it's a general purpose space for reviews, interviews and opinion - as well as recorded podcast work.

Here are a couple of important metal related items you should check out:

The Journey of the Stormbringer...

Labor Day, for most people, brings the typical out-door grilling, hot dogs, beer, and and the other fun stuff that has nothing to do with "labor". Anyways, this year, it was pretty standard fare for me as well. I got together with some friends, made some guacamole, and started to guzzle some Tom Collins and Guinness. 

So, after the buzz settled in, nice and warm, my buddy Chance and I started in on the sloppy music discussion, as is standard operating procedure when the libations are flowing. Chance, in his effort to turn me on to something that there's totally NO WAY I'd ever have heard of, starts telling me about an old metal band he thinks i'd like. As he begins to tell me the details of the band, it occurs to me that I totally know them. He tells me about this tape that he's acquired back when he was in high school, through a friend's dad, who apparently wrote for a metal zine, which were things people read before the internet...  

 Full Terror Assault Pics...

Keep checking back. I'm going to be posting some information about The Metal Mortuary. If you weren't aware, I'm going to be streaming live from home very soon. I plan on going live before Halloween, and I'm looking for some music submissions to play on my show. 

If you are in a metal band, or have friends who are, contact me here at the site or email me at themetalmortuary@gmail.com. 



Metal Mortuary Episode 3

Here's The third episode of the podcast, freshly recorded and only 3 days late. Check it out, leave comments, submit music. Make METAL!!! 

6/30/15 Playlist

1. Coathanger Abortion – Media Mindsnare
New album released June 2nd on Comatose Music
From Chattanooga, TN

2 Distant Sun – Godsdoom
New album released may 30th on Metalism records

3. Dying Humanity – I Am King
Bastardized Recordings 
12 June 2015

4. Dysentery – Reflection of Repugnance
Comatose Music 
10 July 2015

5. Caustic Method – Six Feet
The Virus 
Pavement Entertainment 
2 June 2015

6. Destroythm – Righteous Indignation

7. Kastasyde – Burial in the Sky
Self Release 
2 June 2015
 https://www.facebook.com/kastasyde @ClawHammerPR

8. Mystifier – The Realm of the Anticristus
Greyhaze Records 
18 May 2015

9. Neck of the Woods – I know Where I’ll Bury You
Self-Titled EP

Neck of the Woods Bandcamp 

10. Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus – Let Them Parish
The Child Must Die 
Infernal Kommando 
15 April 2015

11. Majestic Downfall –Escape my Thought
...When Dead 
Pulverised Records 
7 August 2015

12. Organ Dealer – KPC-0xa48
Visceral Infection 
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 
14 July 2015

13. Wombbath – I am the Abyss
Downfall Rising 
Dark Descent 
21 August 2015

14. Prion – Anhedonist
Uncertain Process 
Comatose Music 
2 June 2015

15. The Negation – A Prayer for the Ones I Will Have to Kill
Memento Mori 
6 July 2015

16. I am the Trireme – Trusty Noose
Gnosis: Never Follow the Light 
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 
30 June 2015


17. Undergang -  Gravrust
Døden Læger Alle Sår 
Dark Descent 
10 July 2015


18. Polyptych – No Salvation at its End