The Metal Mortuary Podcast February '17

Welcome once again to the Metal Mortuary Podcast. Pardon the length since the last podcast. I promise to make an effort to put one of these together every couple of weeks. Right now, with the other two podcasts we do over here at the Labs, time is very restrictive. Anyways, enough belly aching, here's metal for your face! 

Lantern - Lucid Endlessness
II: Morphosis 
Dark Descent Records 
17 March 2017

Aborted Fetus - Burning at Stake
The Art of Violent Torture 
Comatose Music 
28 April 2017

Invasion - Approaching Cauldron of Horror
Destroyer of Mankind 
Abyss Records 
17 February 2017

Mutilator - Paranoic Command
Immortal Force
Greyhaze Records 
14 January 2017

Desecrate the Faith - Predatory Implant
Unholy Infestation 
Comatose Music 
3 March 2017

Lunar Shadow - The Kraken
Far from Light
Cruz Del Sur Music 
10 March 2017

Gorephilia - Hellfire
Severed Monolith
Dark Descent Records 
3 March 2017

Omnizide - himmelstrasse
Carnal Records / Daemon Worship Productions 
16 December 2016

Temptation's Wings - to Forge a Legend
Skulthor Ebonblade 
10 March 2017

Epoch - Vision Absolute
Lavadome Productions 
31 January 2017

Killing Addiction - Extinction Agenda
Shores of Oblivion 
Xtreem Music 
25 November 2016

Grafvitnir - Serpents Blood
Obeisance to a Witch Moon 
Carnal Records / Daemon Worship Productions 
16 December 2016