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Efforts were made, but very little were made to make THIS podcast. If you're into gaming, nerdy stuff or anything Vampire: the Masquerade related, check out some of our other podcasts. Otherwise, listen to metal below. 


Chaotic Devotion
Boris Records
19 September 2017

Lexington, Kentucky-based trio TOMBSTALKER will unleash a 7-inch platter of insanity later this month. 
Boris Records will release Chaotic Devotion on September 19. The EP features two new songs – “Scared to Death” and “Treads of War.” 
Established in 2008, these champions of chaos have been harnessing their unique blend of Black and Death Metal fury and are prepared to conquer all in their path. Following a string EP’s, demos and splits, Chaotic Devotion is the follow up EP to their 2015 debut full-length Black Crusades and features two brand new molten slabs of war crushing death musick.

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Spectral Voice
Eroded Corridors of Unbeing
Dark Descent Recods
13 October 2017

After no less than five demos/rehearsals and two splits, Colorado's SPECTRAL VOICE are finally crossing the Styx and delivering their first proper full-length...and it is gigantic.
While things appear quite straight-forward on paper (the band has never hidden their love of roughly mixing early and down tuned Finnish death metal with extreme doom in an acid bath) there's something quite unique about them. Instead of weakening their impact, their rawness and vast sound only emphasizes their genuine thirst for darkness.
Like a lurker oozing with evil intentions, SPECTRAL VOICE like to remain in the shadows. There, they've patiently learned from their elders, only to regurgitate their own brand of extreme death/doom. For instance, 'Visions of Psychic Dismemberment' is an eleven-minute long trip into the darkest regions of our collective mind, where UNHOLY's trippiest moments join INCANTATION for a dance around the fire. The opening blast beat sequence in 'Lurking Gloom' on the top of bleak arpeggios will fire up most DISEMBOWELMENT freaks.
Far more than just a sum of its parts, Eroded Coridors of Unbeing is a unique and claustrophobic voyage, cavernous yet full of clarity. Here, SPECTRAL VOICE is the sound of one's soul going further down the abyss...and they're taking you with them.
Dark Descent Records will release Eroded Corridors of Unbeing on CD, vinyl, cassette and digital formats on October 13.


7 August 2017

Costa Rican Extreme Prog Metallers NOSTOC will self-release their stunning debut album ÆVUM on August 7. One spin of ÆVUM and you'll be floored at the realization that this is NOSTOC's first full-length album, as the musical dynamics and musicians recalls band's that have spent years honing their craft. Blasting extremity meets progressive composition and melodic sensibility, packaged in a way that is cohesive, penetrating, and utterly unforgettable.

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Pavement Entertainment
4 August 2017

Copenhagen-based modern hardcore group Psy:code has teamed with Pavement Entertainment for the release of MØRKE. Psy:code is a band driven by a desire to reach beyond its own boundaries. The band’s first two releases, Delusion and Cause and Neglect, were met with critical acclaim by critics worldwide. The praise was not met with complacency and Psy:code set the bar higher when writing their third album. 
MØRKE is a natural progression, while remaining grounded in the roots planted by its predecessors. Over the years Psy:code has supported several major acts, including Slayer, Mastodon, Amon Amarth, Trivium, Gorefest, Illdisposed and Artillery. The band has toured extensively in their native Denmark and throughout Europe. 
Psy:code has a series of videos planned in the months following the release of MØRKE. Tour dates in support of the album will be announced soon.

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I Klatus
Nagual Sun
13 October 2017

Chicago Doom/Sludge eclectics I KLATUS will release Nagual SunOctober 13 on digital and analog (cassette) formats. The highly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s Kether is the band’s third full-length album (and fifth release overall). The overall sound of Nagual Sunmaintains the gritty roots for which I KLATUS is known, while at the same time launches the group into new and more fully fleshed-out dimensions of weirdness.
Tom Denney is the primary soothsayer behind I KLATUS. Denney, whose background is steeped in the visual arts, has provided artwork and monsters for a laundry list of signed metal acts in the community (KYLESA, BLACK COBRA, SAMOTHRACE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, CEPHALIC CARNAGE and RWAKE just to name a few). His guitar squalls hard against the shores of this stoner metal effort, but also manages to rise above the storm in melodic hymns. Denney trades growling vocals with bass player, John E. Bomher, Jr. (BURY THE MACHINES, YAKUZA), who keeps things grinding nicely, while also providing some sweeter tones when they let songs open up and sweep across more ethereal planes. 
Bomher doubles as the band’s producer with his extensive experience in the studio; his work on the album sets this release head and shoulders above their previous efforts in terms of production quality. The drums are championed by Chris Wozniak (LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR, EARTHEN GRAVE, SERPENT CROWN) who metes out doom in guttural timing. Wozniak just pounds and pounds, hitting that sonic-pocket, which gives the stoner/doom genre its feeling of lift and expansiveness. Some noises and textures by former member, Robert Bauwens, are also tucked into the nooks and crannies of these tracks.


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Execution of Violence
Redefining Darkness Records
13 October 2017

Denver Death Dealers BLOODSTRIKE have announced the October 13 release of sophomore album Execution of Violence on Redefining Darkness Records.
Execution of Violence takes the ferocious Old School Death Metal of 2015 debut In Death We Rot (released on Redefining Darkness Records) and ups the annihilation ante! Armed with 10 new tracks of focused brutality, on Execution of ViolenceBLOODSTRIKE is prepared to spread their reign of terror to more unexplored territories at home and abroad.
The album was produced by BLOODSTRIKE and recorded by Jeff Alexis. Mixing was done by John Bart Van Der Wal and mastering by the mighty Dan Swanö.

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Ghastly Music
5 May 2017

Italian Death Metal band INTEGRAL has a sound that can be summarized as the merging point of melodic death metal riffing, brutal blast beats, harsh vocal lines, deathcore groovy breakdowns, and mellow fusion openings. That is exactly what one gets from the 10 tracks on the band’s debut album Resilience, along with introspective and inner conflict-based lyrics. Mixed and mastered by Ettore Rigotti (Destrage, Disarmonia Mundi, Babymetal…), the album also features Steffen Kummerer from OBSCURA and Tommy Talamanca from SADIST.
A recommended choice for fans of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, BEYOND CREATION, THE FACELESS, GOROD, and technical death metal in general.


Plains of Decay
Dark Descent Records
29 September 2017

Greece's own rotten Death Metal savages NECROVOROUS are set to release Plains of Decay September 29 on Dark Descent Records. A vinyl LP version of the album is also in the works.
Known for their undying adoration for everything sleazy, macabre and genuinely disturbing, the NECROVOROUS ghouls have risen from their crypt after years of hibernation and are staring at you with bloodshot eyes while brandishing scepters made of human bones.  The world's best attempts to keep from waken the beast have failed miserably. Proceed with cauthon, as the death metal equivalent of Jörg Buttgereit flick “Plains of Decay” is coming to melt with your brain.  To avoid fainting, keep on repeating …”It’s only a record… It’s only a record… It’s only a record…”


I Am Warhol
A Riff Through Time
released April 3, 2017

Recorded just outside of Chicago in the first quarter of 2017, I Am Warhol's "A Riff Through Time" EP is a return to form of 3 friends jamming in a room together for the first time since the George Dubya presidency.


Cretus Interview

Recently, I had the chance to catch up with the mysterious and elusive Louisiana-based band, CRETUS. Their new EP, Dux Mea Lux just dropped Sept. 4th, on Pavement Entertainment. While very little is known about this masked collective, it was my hope to shed a little light on this enigmatic ensemble.   

According to their press information:
"While it is unknown exactly when or where CRETUS formed, they began publicly spreading their message through music in 2014, with the group rapidly gaining strong support after their first show opening for legendary metal band DOWN in New Orleans. Devout followers of CRETUS pack into shows wearing the group's signature black masks and cloaks, bobbing their heads in support as hypnotic lights pulse and dense fog surrounds them, becoming a raving heavy metal congregation unable and unwilling to escape the dark energy emanating from the speakers. Multi-sensory performance rituals such as sacrificial demonstrations and strange pagan rites add an even more ominous tone to the already frightening spectacle of the four masked figures destroying the stage. Heavily symbolic imagery, esoteric subject matter, and poetic lyrics give listeners something deeper to latch onto with CRETUS, and Pavement Records is proud to be releasing their debut EP Dux Mea Lux, worldwide on September 4, 2015."

Needless to say, after listening to their newly released EP, I was profoundly curious to know a bit more about CRETUS. Without further ado, here's our conversation:

Utility Muffin: I’ve investigated Cretus online, and there’s an obvious shroud of mystery that surrounds your band. For the uninitiated, please explain how and why your band came about.

Cretus: Cretus is a group that has been around for many years in the United States.  The band is a new form of outreach that will enable us to spread our message to people of a similar intellect on a much wider scale than in the past.  Traditionally we have been very selective with sharing our knowledge, but we feel it's important, especially with the current state of things, to take a much more aggressive approach to spreading the message.

UM: Tell me why you’ve chosen to keep your identities obscured, and how the symbolism you’ve chosen plays into the message you’re trying to send.

C: Individuality is ego. Ego is meaningless. We do not wish to achieve celebrity. Those who seek fame do not seek truth. We only wish for our message to be heard. Our message is really about the search for truth. As for our symbolism, it has much to do with nature and the nature of the Universe. We are just animals in this world, each representing a different truth about the natural order of things.

UM: Have you noticed any backlash from religious groups because of your image or message?

C: It is not our duty to make the unwilling become willing. There will always be those who do not understand. Only those that seek out the truth may find it.

UM: Tell me about how your geographical location has played into the sound of your music, as well as how it may have played into the iconography and ideology of your movement.

C: Our land is beautiful, full of life and vibrancy while at the same time, next to the edge of destruction and extinction. Our music is similar to that natural truth, as are a lot of other groups from this area. We do find most musicians and groups have similar thoughts as us, a common ideology, even if they do not embrace our exact followings.

UM: Tell me, if you could, about – What’s going on in the woods of southeast Louisiana?

C: We all make our own decisions. This is truth.

UM: Tell me a little bit about the production for your music video for “The Price of Immortality.” How did that video come about, and was it a difficult process to create?

C: CRETUS, as a whole, is very pleased with the video. We were only asked to perform in it for the musical performance. Director Andrew Michael Stubbs took some liberties with his portrayal of CRETUS obviously, but we recognize the entertainment value and necessity in this day and age to capture a young audience’s attention. If it helps with our outreach program we are willing to participate.

UM: How do you, as a band/group/collective, reconcile science with spirituality? Generally, for most people, the two tend to be vastly distinct entities unto themselves. How is this different for Cretus and your collective concepts of “known truths?”

C: As long ago as Avicenna's Floating Man experiment humans have been capable of understanding that consciousness and the body are independent of one another.  Understanding their relationship and purpose is key to understanding all truth.  How could you look at one without the other and claim to have any sort of knowledge of the world?  Those who are seeking more may begin their search in the "Resources" section of our website,

UM: You’ve said in a recent interview that “We’ve been misunderstood and our words taken out of context, so we are very hesitant to whom we speak with about this program…” when asked about your production process. Can you elaborate on how you’ve been taken out of context, or perhaps set the record straight on these misunderstandings?

C: You cannot tell the history of a tree simply by looking at its bark.  You've got to cut it open and kill it to count the rings, don't you?

UM: Can you share the names of any bands you’d want to tour with, that perhaps may have an ideology you’d find consistent with your own?

C: We have many favorites, but we welcome any chance to play with any band or group as long as they are open to us sharing our message with the audience.

UM: Finally, do you have any plans to tour nationally, and can you share any information about how fans can learn more about your music and message?

C: Yes, we are setting up outreach dates now for 2016. You can learn much about our universe at

Check out more on Cretus at the following internet locations:
Tumblr -
Twitter -
Facebook -
Instagram -

Used with permission C/O Clawhammer PR

Used with permission C/O Clawhammer PR