Nerd Words: The Worst of Netflix Part 2

"M M DVD". Via Wikipedia -

"M M DVD". Via Wikipedia -

In this episode, we wrap up nearly 6 hours of drinking and watching shitty movies. We Discuss Mazes and Monsters, Tromeo and Juliet, Blood Glacier and Monopoly. Featuring all the folks from part 1, as well as a few friends that join late. 

Sorry if some of the sound is bad in some areas. I was working without mic stands and sobriety was variable as time went on. Some of the audio is pretty shitty, and some people can't talk into a mic.  

Check out my buddy Jeff's stuff. He's a fun guy and pretty funny too. 


*DISCLAIMER* Anything you hear in this broadcast is meant to be a joke and shouldn't be taken literally! Thank you! 

This podcast is for satire and review purposes only. Any usage of these films are intended for those purposes only, and no rights to these films are implied.