Nerd Words Episode 135

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In this episode, we dish on the real Storytellers Secrets - the nightmares of storytelling/running a game. We’ve all had them and we’ve all been there. We go deep on some of the worst times we’ve had doing one of the things we love the most. In this episode, we also give a review for “Madison by Night,” a supplement for Vampire: the Masquerade.
If you came for the review only, skip ahead to 38:00 to get right to it!

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Madison By Night
By Bill Bodden

"It is said that Madison is 94 square miles surrounded by reality. Honestly, though, the reality out there isn't much better than what we have in here."

  -- Chopper, Nosferatu and Keeper of Information for the Baron of Madison

Click here to purchase this title from Storyteller’s Vault

Click here to purchase this title from Storyteller’s Vault

Part supply depot, part library, and part fast-food joint, Madison is a one-stop shop for Anarchs looking to take over a piece of ground to call their own.

With a small permanent population of Kindred, Madison is easy to overlook but for one thing: they supply or directly support over half of the Anarch insurgencies on the North American continent.

Madison by Night includes:

  • A brief history of Madison, Wisconsin, from the early days of European immigrants and the arrival of the first Kindred to the Anarch take-over in the 1960s.

  • A listing of some of the more important Kindred-related sites in the Madison area

  • An overview of the Anarch Kindred who currently call Madison home.