Nerd Words Episode 140

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Welcome. In this episode, we talk about some Shadowrun goodness. Also, on the last half of the cast, we discuss and review Clanbook: Blood Brothers from the Storyteller’s Vault. Check it out!

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Clanbook: Blood Brothers
Written by: Matthew Dawkins


Thankfully rare, yet growing in number during the Victorian Age, the Blood Brothers are among the most bizarre, twisted bloodlines in the World of Darkness. Loyal to the Sabbat but slavishly devoted to each other, the Freaks exchange blood, thoughts, and limbs to increase their lethality. Fearful tales spread from domain to domain of the vampires that share faces, smiles, and voices. Few know the bloodline's origin or true purpose.

Clanbook: Blood Brothers includes:
The history of the bloodline, from its origins in 1815 through to the end of the 19th century;
The bloodline's views, powers, and motivations;
Story hooks to help involve the Blood Brothers in any Vampire: The Victorian Age chronicle; and
A character sheet designed for the Blood Brothers.