Nerd Words Episode 122

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In this episode, we have Collin from City of Glass LARP on to talk about his three day Live Action, Classic World of Darkness event taking place at GenCon this August. We also talk about "The Room," a 2003 cult film staring Tommy Wiseau.

Come LARP with Nate and Bob! 

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Nerd Words: Gen Con Edition

Robert Batton

Robert Batton

Well, the best 4 days in gaming have come and gone, once again. In this edition of Nerd Words, I sit down with my roommate, Bob, and discuss all the fun that I missed this year. Most of the conversation involves the City of Glass World of Darkness gaming troupe. Special thanks to all the people I missed this year, as well as the Staff of City of Glass. You know who you are. 

Also, update the Facebook page! That shit's way out of date!  

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