Nerd Words Episode 139

NW 139.jpg

Hello all! We’re back with another stunningly adequate podcast! This episode, we try to tickle multiple fancies with a double shot of reviews. In hopes to lure all you Vampire: the Masquerade fans, we start with a Storyteller’s Vault review. We take a look at New Blood; a Dark Ages supplemental scenario by Jacob Klünder. We do this review FIRST, that way you don’t have to sift through part two. Part two is a spoiler-rich review of Avengers: Endgame (if the cover photo didn’t give it away.)

Avengers: Endgame review starts at 19:40 into the cast. Be aware of spoilers.

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Click here to purchase this book and help us AND the author!

Click here to purchase this book and help us AND the author!

New Blood is a scenario that can be used as a one-off, a chronicle starter or inserted into an ongoing chronicle. A rumor states that a Tremere and a mortal alchemist have been able to create alchemical blood that will nourish a Cainite. Now, delegations from around the world arrive in Languedoc to join an auction to buy the secret of this new blood.

Inside, you’ll find.

  • A scenario that can be played as neonates, experienced characters or even elders.

  • A look at the troubles faced by Cainites when traveling in the Dark Medieval World.

  • A large gallery of Storyteller Characters to use in this scenario and beyond.