Nerd Words Episode 105

Nerd Words Episode 105.jpg

Welcome to another episode of Nerd Words. In this episode, we are joined again by our special friends, Rachel and Jeff! More is always good! We talk about gaming and the obligatory White Wolf nod, a lack of personal self-control when playing video games and the perils of eating a lot of subway! 
Bumper: the Toadies - Possum Kingdom

Come hang out with Nate and Rachel at Garycon in March! We're going to be Larping! 
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Nerd Words Episode 50!!!

Thanks all you beautiful people for sticking with us through 50 damn episodes! In this episode we have Skype guests Phil, Kelly and Brad! We talk about nonsense for two hours and it was tons of fun! It's a celebration, bitches! Celebrate with us!