Nerd Words Episode 141

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Welcome back to the Nerd Words podcast. In this episode, we talk about crappy DLC, the new Bloodlines 2 Gameplay trailer, Kult, and we give you a review of “Mens Sana In Corpore Sano,” a Storytellers Vault title for Vampire: the Masquerade.

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Click here to purchase from Storytellers Vault and support the author!

Click here to purchase from Storytellers Vault and support the author!

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano
By Secrets of the Masquerade

Follow this Coterie’s unique situation as they are struck both with incredible luck and incredible misfortune and find out the source of these bizarre events that have been plaguing their nightly lives for far too long. 

This short supplement contains an easy to adapt one shot story to any city to introduce new players to Vampire the Masquerade, alongside premade characters and a descriptive of the situation they are involved in. The scope is small and oppresive to allow for a perfect “behind closed doors” personal horror tale. Most elements were left vague to give room for the storyteller to personalize and adapt the story to their specific needs.

Nerd Words Episode 86


In this episode, we discuss the foremost family of the Vampire: the masquerade line - Clan Giovanni. We talk about our LARP experiences, storytelling the clan and a bunch of other assorted fun stuff. Give it a listen. Leave some feedback! 

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Nerd Words Episode 63

in the second in what is likely to be a long trend, we discuss table-top and LARP gaming, centered around our experiences over the last 20 plus years playing White Wolf games. I warn you, this episode is extremely NSFW based on its content. You've been warned, folks!