Nerd Words Episode 129

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Rachel joins us to discuss our issues playing Star Wars role-playing games. Additionally, Nate and Rachel talk to Bob about their experience watching the World of Darkness documentary.
”World of Darkness”
An in-depth look into how the World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade created a phenomenon in the 1990's - a zeitgeist that helped shape film, literature, fashion, club culture, and ultimately fans, whose lives it forever altered.

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Nerd Words Episode 36

By Fawcett Comics, uploaded by Chordboard (art by Jack Binder) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

More drinking! In this episode, we stumble through a wide range of silly, silly shit. We talk about living in a simulation, we shit upon Star Wars, talk about Trump and poorly discuss racism in movies. A ton more is trampled on to sometimes humorous effect. 

Nerd Words Episode 34 

It's been a hot minute, but we're back to talk all the Pop-Culture nonsense you love.

We talk about Daredevil Season 2, Batman v Superman, The Hateful Eight, fuck dolls, Star Wars and a grand selection of other nonsense.

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Nerd Words Episode 30

After a crippling month off, we return with a vaguely nerdy episode.  We discuss the holidays and gift expectations, the "C Word", the "N Word", ARK: Survival Evolved, Unfortunate New Years parties, Star Wars, Bootleg movies and much more. Thanks for listening and coming back!