Nerd Words Episode 141

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Welcome back to the Nerd Words podcast. In this episode, we talk about crappy DLC, the new Bloodlines 2 Gameplay trailer, Kult, and we give you a review of “Mens Sana In Corpore Sano,” a Storytellers Vault title for Vampire: the Masquerade.

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Click here to purchase from Storytellers Vault and support the author!

Click here to purchase from Storytellers Vault and support the author!

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano
By Secrets of the Masquerade

Follow this Coterie’s unique situation as they are struck both with incredible luck and incredible misfortune and find out the source of these bizarre events that have been plaguing their nightly lives for far too long. 

This short supplement contains an easy to adapt one shot story to any city to introduce new players to Vampire the Masquerade, alongside premade characters and a descriptive of the situation they are involved in. The scope is small and oppresive to allow for a perfect “behind closed doors” personal horror tale. Most elements were left vague to give room for the storyteller to personalize and adapt the story to their specific needs.

Nerd Words Episode 136

Photoshop manipulation of original photo:

Photoshop manipulation of original photo:

With the announcement of Bloodlines 2 this week, our expected podcast took a different path. I mean, we’re mostly a V:tM podcast anyways, so this had to be pretty obvious. We talk at length about the original Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines and speculate up a storm in our vaguely informed manner about the new game. Also, we talk about the Captain Marvel movie as well!

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Nerd Words Episode 105

Nerd Words Episode 105.jpg

Welcome to another episode of Nerd Words. In this episode, we are joined again by our special friends, Rachel and Jeff! More is always good! We talk about gaming and the obligatory White Wolf nod, a lack of personal self-control when playing video games and the perils of eating a lot of subway! 
Bumper: the Toadies - Possum Kingdom

Come hang out with Nate and Rachel at Garycon in March! We're going to be Larping! 
Check out Dead Games Society for awesome gaming podcasts, nostalgia and more! 
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Nerd Words Episode 61

By Marco Verch (W2K17) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Marco Verch (W2K17) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In this episode, we talk about new video games we been playing, try really hard to avoid talking politics (Spoiler: we fail), and we discuss weed in America. Catch us outside. How about that? 

Twitch Words

Hello fans and friends. So Friday, we decided to do some live-streaming on Twitch and record the audio to make an impromptu podcast. The below video is the result. For those of you listening on iTunes, we've included the audio without the video as well. Give a watch and a listen and let us know what you think. 

Nerd Words Episode 56

In this episode, we totally planned on talking about Q4 video game releases, which we did a little. Mostly, we talked about killing Hitler and the SwastaPuss, World War 1, race and privilege, voting with your wallet and a bunch of other random stuff. We are joined by our friends B-Wood, Derek and Pam. 

Nerd Words Episode 46

In this episode, we are joined by good friend and generally well-educated person, Brandon Wood. We talk about Adult Swim, GI Joe, Nostalgia, horror movies and a bunch more. Listen to this podcast because it's entertaining. THIS I COMMAND!!! 

Nerd Words Throw Down 1

Here are the topics for the first episode of the podcast:

1. What is the worst video game franchise?

2. what is the worst sequel to a great movie?

3. What popular musician of the last ten years should be stricken from history?

4. What is the best Horror movie?

5. What was the best FPS of 2015?

6. What is the most over-rated TV show?


Three challengers face off in the debate for the ages.

Each contestant will be asked a question and will have 2 minutes to assert his position.

After each contestant states his position, the argument phase will begin. In the argument phase, each contestant will have 30 seconds to ask any fair, clear question that has a direct bearing on the debate. The questioner may use this period to build up any part of his own case, to tear down any part of his opposition's case, or to ascertain facts. The questioner may make comments, statements or ask rhetorical questions. 
after each contestant has used his 30 seconds, he will have 10 seconds to state his final case.

At the end of this phase, I will choose a winner of the round based on the most convincing argument - not necessarily which contestant I agree with.

after 6 rounds, the two contestants with the most points will move on to the Shotgun Round.

In the Shotgun round, I will give two options (i.e. who's the better super hero - Batman or Superman?) and the first person to shout their position (Batman!) has 15 seconds to defend their choice. The other contestant must defend the unpicked option. After 15 seconds, you'll have two 5 second phases to argue. I will pick the winner as I did in the previous phase of the game.

there will be 4 rounds of Shotgun. In the event of a tie, we will have a sudden death tie-breaker of Shotgun. Winner take all.

NOTE* You can cheat. You can lie. You can site false facts. If your opponent calls you on inaccuracies, we will fact-check. If you are caught lying, you lose the round. If your opponent falsely calls you on something, he must remain silent for the remainder of the round. As the judge, I will not call anyone on their bullshit, if I spot it, until the end of the round.

The judge (me) must base his decision entirely on the material presented, without regard for other material which he may happen to possess.

The contestant with the most points at the end wins!

Nerd Words Episode 33

In this episode, we babble about Ark, video game nationalism, being a fatty, and an assortment of other nonsense. 

Game with us on Xbox Live: 

Nathan - Moribundii
Robert - Alphabetkillah - Twitch
Jeff - Thugctc - Twitch, Twitter
Travis - Dalilaama - Twitter

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Tune in next week for our wonderful new premise! 

Nerd Words Episode 29

«Fallout 4 Logo» від RH Connor - Власна робота. Ліцензоване під CC0 через Вікісховище -

«Fallout 4 Logo» від RH Connor - Власна робота. Ліцензоване під CC0 через Вікісховище -

In this episode of the Nerd Words podcast, we delve into the deep end of Fallout 4. For some of us, we've done nothing else all week but play this damn addictive game! We talk about some funny things we've experienced, pitfalls, missions that have given us issues and additional concepts involving the game and its previous incarnations. 

Nerd Words Episode 28

In this episode, we discuss new video game releases from late October and November. We chat about games we've already played - and give them some basic reviews - as well as games upcoming that we haven't played yet. We rant about pre-orders, high costs, special editions and the plight of yearly franchise titles. We also ramble on about LARP's, CCG's scum bag thieves and a slew of other stuff. It's all in fun!
Quick recap of new game releases. Review discussion.

  • Halo
  • Call of duty
  • Assassins creed
  • Fallout 4
  • Destiny expansion
  • Star Wars battlefront
  • Rainbow 6 siege

Nerd Words Episode 14 Photo by -  Yashodhan Talwar  Used under Creative Commons Photo by - Yashodhan Talwar Used under Creative Commons

In this episode, Bob and I go one on one about what it is to be a "nerd", as well as our experiences in geek culture. We talk about what constitutes nerdy and how accepting or divisive the culture is, based on our experiences. We talk about V:tM some more (because we do that) and a bunch of other geeky shit.  

Nerd Words Episode 12

By unbekannt Bungie Studios (Transferred from de.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By unbekannt Bungie Studios (Transferred from de.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In this episode, we exhaustively discuss First-Person Shooter games. We take to task everything from Halo to Call of Duty, and back to Goldeneye and more. We also trash our friends for being adults, and not playing games. 

Nerds Words Episode 7

In this episode, we talk about everything from Elder Scrolls: Online, "General Butt Naked", Dragon Ball Z, Sports Games, Xbox Live, cellphones, Oregon Trail and a bunch more. My bro Bob, Chance, and new guest, Brandon have a long-form discussion on all things video games and much more. I also recorded a new intro for the shows done from home, like this one.  

Nerd Words Episode 2

Chance Gibboney

Chance Gibboney

In this episode, Lee is absent, so my buddy Chance sits in. We ramble about table-top gaming, LARP, fantasy novels, video games and more. At the end of the podcast, I talk about some audio that Lee recorded before his vacation. I'll upload that audio later.  

Until then, enjoy the podcast and let us know what you think. 

Thanks for listening. Leave comments with suggestions, criticism or compliments!