Nerd Words Episode 123

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In this episode, we talk about Nathan's essential inability to use the postal service properly, causal racism and the current situation of politics in gaming. It's a terrible podcast, no doubt! Check out our uncut version on our Patreon! 

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Nerd Words Episode 30

After a crippling month off, we return with a vaguely nerdy episode.  We discuss the holidays and gift expectations, the "C Word", the "N Word", ARK: Survival Evolved, Unfortunate New Years parties, Star Wars, Bootleg movies and much more. Thanks for listening and coming back! 

Nerd Words Episode 24

Taken from - used under creative commons. 

Taken from - used under creative commons. 

In honor of the Halloween holiday, we start this podcast off talking about exploitation movies. Much like many other episodes, we end up talking about a ton of other random shit that has nothing to do with the topic at all! We discuss race, fat people, language and bad rap music.
As promised, here's a list of Exploitation/B movies to check out for your Halloween horror fest: 

Cannibal films
Cannibal Holocaust - 1979
Cannibal Ferox - 1983
The Man From Deep River - 1973
Canuxploitation films
My Bloody Valentine - 1981
Videodrome - 1983
Cube - 1997
Mondo Films
Mondo Cane - 1962 watch free
Africa Blood and Guts - 1966 watch free
Faces of Death - 1978 watch free
Monster Movies
Jaws - 1975 watch free
Piranha - 1978
Cujo - 1983
Random films I like
Street Trash - 1987
I Spit on Your Grave - 1978
The Evil Dead - 1981
Bad Taste - 1987 watch free
Dead Alive - 1992 watch free
Cemetery Man - 1994 watch free

Nerd Words Episode 22

In this episode, we talk about school shootings, gun control, politics and the act of conversation. We tackle the police, racism and a host of other hot-button topics. 

Peter Stevens  From The Nation, and the article entitled  "Gun Control? Dream On."    Some rights reserved

Peter Stevens From The Nation, and the article entitled "Gun Control? Dream On."  Some rights reserved