Nerd Words Episode 98

Nerd Words 99.png

In this episode, we talk about ourselves and the shit we're doing! We welcome back our home dog, Jeff, to the podcast. It's all Curse of Caine, LARP and a deep dive into our own experiences being a bunch of dorks. Thanks for listening, and happy New Year! 

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Nerd Words Episode 61

By Marco Verch (W2K17) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Marco Verch (W2K17) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In this episode, we talk about new video games we been playing, try really hard to avoid talking politics (Spoiler: we fail), and we discuss weed in America. Catch us outside. How about that? 

Nerd Words Episode 58

By KKDrunkinski (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Hello, fans and friends! Get ready to step over the dividing line. This is our post-election politics episode. Since it's clear that world is about to burn to the ground, we figured we'd have a highly partial debate about politics. Also, we talk a little bit about the benefits of Satan. Special nod to Dead Kennedys with our outro song. It seemed especially appropriate for this podcast. 

This is our last podcast of 2016! Please stay with us and check back in January for new topics, guests, skits, games and podcast experiments! Thanks for your continued support! Happy holidays to you all. 

Nerd Words Episode 51

By Open Clip Art Library

By Open Clip Art Library

Welcome to another brilliant episode of Nerd Words. In this episode, we talk about police shootings, racism and other associated subjects related to the topic. This is a decidedly un-nerdy episode, but sometimes you just gotta get real with it. 

Nerd Words Episode 45

In this episode, we talk about all the hot topics and put it all out there. Topics include: Women and unemployment, College debt, black vs white culture and privilege, Self-help, social standards, entitlement, being easily offended, PUGS, Guilds, catfishing, dying alone and more. 

This Suburban Life Episode 1 used under creative commons 2.0 used under creative commons 2.0

Until I have the time to get all the syndication stuff ironed out, get a picture made and get the new podcast approved by iTunes, I am going to post it here so that people who already listen can hear the new podcast. This podcast will be be a free-form conversation about the things going on in our country, opinions, politics, work, news and more. I will continue to do the Nerd Words podcast, but I'll be doing it twice a month. Unfortunately, after doing a podcast twice a week about a narrow topic, you kinda run out of stuff to say. This podcast will be regular and consistent, and will deal with more relevant and current topics.  

Here's what we discussed this week:

  • Donald Trump and the Muslim immigration controversy.
  • Chicago police shootings - Laquan McDonald, Cedrick Chatman
  • Paris Shooting, California Shooting
  • Chicago protesters
  • Other-kin