Aphex Twin - ΔMi−1 = −∂Σn=1NDi[n][Σj∈C{i}Fji[n − 1] + Fexti[[n−1]]

This music video was made for a school project. It was written, storyboarded, directed and edited by me, and stars Mitch Tyton and Craig Wenzel. It was shot by Jacob Gonzales and myself.  

Burzum - Dunkelheit

This video was part of a school project to make a music video, and done as extra credit. I used footage compiled from the above Aphex Twin video and edited it differently for this Black Metal song. 

XYZ Show - Livestream 

Live video segment filmed for April Nights Illinois Media School - Featuring Jamie Newell, Sean Connelly, Thomas Dacy, Lee Saldana and myself. Segment streamed via Livestream. Individual pieces written by respective talent. Featuring 30 second commercials created for the class unit. Knifey Spoony commercial written and directed by me, with editing by Lee Saldana. Shot by Sean Connelly. 

Cash Culture Game Show

3 camera game show school project - I star as the host.  Featuring  Jamie Newell, Thomas Dacy, Sherice Rushing and Daniel Taylor. Director: Jacob Gonzalez, Technical Director: Christine Warren, Floor Director: Craig Wenzel, Sound Engineer: Mitch Tyton, Camera Operators: Sean Connelly and Lee Saldana.

Waxing the Dolphin 

This is a goof-off class project we did with the Tricaster - exploring the three guest concept. It was completely ad-libbed by myself, and the two other gentlemen in the video. Enjoy it for what it is. 

Handstroke and Blow Bloopers

These are some goofy edits and behind-the-scenes clips from the Handstroke and Blow commercial. This was just a fun little time-waster I did between classes. 

Free Speech PSA 

The following video is a project I had to do for school, wherein, we had to make a thirty second PSA for a legitimate cause, including the NPO that was sponsoring it. I chose to do my PSA on free speech because I think it's a worthy cause, and one close to my aspirations in multimedia. I wrote, story boarded, directed, filmed, assisted with lighting and edited it. I did makeup and voice-over work for it as well. I was assisted by @mitchtyton and @jvnewell (the latter also assisted with concepts and stared in the film.)

Handsroke and Blow

Here's a look at the commercial for the fictional company, Handstroke and Blow Renters Insurance. I wrote, directed, helped light and edited the 60 second spot. The footage was filmed and artwork created  by @worksfromLA and stars @mitchtyton and @cwenz_2 (because who needs real names these days?) This was our first real film project for school, and I think it turned out well. 

Gunfire Hallway

A short project I wrote, directed and edited. This project was used to emphasize continuity. 

My First Attempt at Video Editing

I had to do an interview assignment for class. This is my first attempt at editing using that video. 


King Dude Fan Video

I'm working on video editing at school. I decided to cobble together a video for a song I enjoy. The following is my version of "Lucifer's the Light of the World" by King Dude. I hope you enjoy.